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19-05 19

Corporate responsibility

     Shanghai Shanghai jiang titanium dioxide chemical products co., LTD. Is a sino-foreign joint venture technology company, is through the HACCP system in the production of food grade titanium dioxide in ...

19-05 19

Domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers need to beware of th

     China's titanium dioxide market economy survived a painful year in 2014. The price of titanium dioxide won't suffer a hard landing in 2015. To a large extent, this is voluntary pain. Measures a...

19-05 19

Mechanism of formaldehyde removal by nano titanium dioxide p

     Photocatalytic nanometer titanium dioxide is a kind of card of Shanghai jiang represented by titanium dioxide photocatalytic except formaldehyde which has the function of photocatalytic light the floor...

19-05 19

p25 nanometer titanium dioxide settled in Shanghai

     In the global chemical industry of gaozhan, degussa, a famous German enterprise, is the world's leading special chemical company, with 80% of its products taking the leading position in the global ...

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