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Corporate responsibility

time:2019-05-19 22:40  follow with interest:
   Shanghai Shanghai jiang titanium dioxide chemical products co., LTD. Is a sino-foreign joint venture technology company, is through the HACCP system in the production of food grade titanium dioxide in Shanghai large chemical companies, in order to adapt to the change of the market after China's accession to the WTO, in the face of WTO, the domestic and foreign markets to our country the food industry, pharmaceutical titanium dioxide by enterprise demand pressures and new market environment; At the same time, also in order to further impact food grade and pharmaceutical grade of titanium dioxide with price market and food illegal enterprises and the pace of the merchant's shoddy, real ones, depending on people's health, the ambition to make illegal profit, our company technical department after three years of research, three years of time, repeated trials, analysis of the health, environmental protection, under the premise of cost reduction, finally realizes the food grade titanium dioxide pharmaceutical grade technical indicators are equal, in food, pharmaceutical raw materials in the zero leap, fill in the products of our company and a large gap in the titanium dioxide industry, I still have a lot of white liquid, According to the different quality of the user for sales and production.



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